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LaMountain Imaging L.L.C is a structural imaging company based out of New York State’s Capital Region that specializes in real estate photography, construction documentation, 3D modeling and aerial photography.

Our team utilizes cutting edge imaging platforms such as drones and VR cameras to provide our construction, planning and real estate clients with the highest quality structural imagery to help them maximize their potential.


Hi my name is David LaMountain and I am the owner/Operator of LaMountain Imaging LLC. I specialize in aerial photo/video using drones and I posses over a decade of flight experience. Normally a decade of experience wouldn't be considered a lot but since drones have only been around for a short while... it is:) In addition to my passion for aerial photography I am also very interested in 3D modeling of structures and terrain.

David LaMountain

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Phone: ‪(518) 633-1190

E-Mail: Info@LaMountainImaging.com

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     Tel: ‪(518) 633-1190

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